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Squirter Girls

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Tube Jizz videos are going viral. There is nothing that is held sacred to these people. They will do anything to get their videos watched by the largest number of viewers. Anything goes including squirting porn and pissing lesbians. Which, by the way, is actually kind of hot. 

My family hosted two girls from Germany that came over as foreign exchange students. They were both blonde and smoking hot. One day when we were all supposed to be out of the house I ended up canceling my plans and returned home. I could hear the girls laughing and making rubbing noises in the bathtub. I went over to investigate. Using a compact mirror from one of the girls purses I peered underneath the door using the mirror to get a better view of what was happening. One of the girls was literally pissing into the other girl’s open mouth!

They both took turns peeing on each other and then they licked each other clean. I jerked off three times over watching them for a little over an hour. By the time they finished I was spent. My balls actually hurt from cumming too much!

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