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Squirter Girls

Haley Squirting Golf Balls Out Of Her Pussy


Some girls squirt their bodily juices out of their pussy, but not this girl. Her name is Haley and the video was shot for FTV Girls. I found it in it’s entirety on Red Tube mobile. They have half a million videos you can watch on your mobile devices. In the video Haley squirts golf balls out of her pussy. I love these kinds of videos. I wish there were more girls like Haley in the world. Who wouldn’t want a girlfriend that does this kind of stuff in public?


When I was in high school I had a girlfriend that was kinky like Haley. She used to like masturbating in odd places. So if there was a baseball game going on she wanted to masturbate in the scorers box above home plate. Or perhaps underneath the bleachers. We used to race to see who could achieve orgasm first. The more public our race was the faster it seemed she could orgasm.

Unfortunately there were no cell phones back then and camcorders were about the size of a small suitcase. Camcorders were also $700+ which is like $1500 in today’s money. Not something a high school kid can get his hands on to make masturbation videos of his girlfriends.

The nice thing is that places like Redtube exist. They have just about every video I have ever wanted to see there. With their mobile site it is possible to enjoy the videos no matter where you are. I have watched porn with the sound turned off in meeting at work or on the bus on the way home from work. Fire up your phone and start watching free mobile porn right now!