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FTV Girls

What a Welcome!

When I came home on my first pass after basic training in the army my girlfriend couldn’t meet me at the bus station. We live out in the sticks in a small town and she had just landed a new job which required her to go for some training at the HQ in the city and hour away.

My bus would stop at that city, but if I got off at the one before my dad would be able to pick me up and give me a lift home and I’d be there half an hour earlier. Every minute of pass counts, believe you me if you’ve not been in that position yourself.

When I got home she was already waiting there for me since I had lunch at my parents first and her course had finished early. Instead of meeting up at my parents she went straight to our place where she freshened up for me and as I cam around the corner, she was sitting on our low wall, just like this girl is.

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Shay Squirting Orgasm!


When Shay agreed to masturbate for FTV Girls she was a big apprehensive about it. She had never orgasmed for anybody before since she had a little squirting problem. One of her girlfriends told her about the site and suggested it as a form of therapy. She showed her dozens of sites centered around girls that squirt when they cum to prove that Shay wasn’t alone and that guys were actually turned on by it.

Nobody could have predicted just how wet this girls gushing orgasm would be. Shay later recounted that she had never cum so hard before. She also suggested that she might be back for more soon! has hundreds of squirting videos. They were one of the first sites to shoot in HD with huge videos that are crystal clear. That means you can go back through the archive and download hundreds of videos from the beginning and they will look just as hot as the newest ones do.