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Amateur Exhibitionist Chicks Show and Tell

It’s pretty cool really and different to anything else I’ve seen in amateur porn. It really is like a show and tell for amateur chicks regarding their sexual fantasies and what turns them on and also what gets them off. It’s pretty damn sexy.

It seems that the format is that chicks are interviewed and questions asked about their sexual desires and fantasies which sets the scene pretty nicely. I mean, it really works for me hearing a woman say out loud how she’d like to be sucked and fucked and so much more in some cases.

And then comes the show part where they masturbate in all kinds of different ways, showing and telling you what they like and how they like it. It’s a little bit like casting couch but with a different angle which is quite refreshing. It’s harder to explain than I thought and I recommend you take a look for yourself but be careful, once i started I couldn’t stop 😀

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