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How to Master Local Pussy

Have you ever gone to a club and seen some really pathetic, ugly looking guys walking away with primo pussy? We’re talking about prime local pussy here. We’re talking about chicks that are so hot that you would gladly pay a million dollars to fuck them. We’re talking about chicks that are so sexy that they would melt the ice off George Clooney.

Now, you’re probably thinking, how can these hot pieces of local pussy walk away with complete losers that look like a pile of shit? It simply comes down to them having the confidence to pick up a sexy looking woman. You don’t need to have perfect looks, you don’t need to drive a flash car. What you do need is the presence of mind to show them why they should be with you.

Don’t make the mistake of worrying about what all the other guys have. You see, if you want to master local pussy, you have to master yourself. And you have to master sites like to score action that nobody else is having.

The reason why guys are unable to fuck the amount of local pussy that they want is the because they don’t allow themselves to get in that zone. That’s all it is because when a chick sees that you have a lot of confidence and that you establish a positive rapport and a connection with her, the panties are going to start dropping.

It doesn’t matter whether she has a boyfriend, it doesn’t matter whether she’s married, you are able to deliver something that she’s craving. That’s how intense your game could be if you let it.

That’s why it’s really important to understand that to master local pussy, you must first master yourself. Get over your fears, get over your hang ups. Confront your issues head on. If you’re able to do that consistently, local pussy would be very easy indeed.