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Busty mom fucks her daughters hubby at Family Strokes

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It turns out the husband of this busty mom just couldn’t help himself. He decided to take it to the limit and give his stepdaughter a taste of Daddy’s willing cock. Mom seems to be fast asleep but that isn’t going to be the case, not for long at least. Daddy was still fucking his daughter when mommy woke up and now it seems she wants to join in on the fun. As soon as mom spots how hard her husband’s cock is she wants to have it inside her. He now has a big job ahead of him because he needs to satisfy his wife and his daughter’s pussy as well. Can he do it? Well, let us find out because if he fails I would be happy to take over from him and I might even find more mommy taboo videos!


Horny Women Demand the Most

I’ve always loved a woman that can take charge. It’s one of the main reasons I prefer MILFs over teens. Those barely legal bimbos never seem to know what they want. It’s not their fault of course. They are just coming into their sexuality and learning what they like. It’s why they need strong men to show them the way and help them explore and discover what turns them on and gets them off. I personally would much rather see a powerful woman who is comfortable in her skin and knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. While this is a turn-on for me in all aspects of life, I’m especially into babes who do it in the bedroom!

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