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MILF Squirters

Squirting MILF Gets Tag Teamed By Her Dates

squirting milf gets tag teamed

What is up with this MILF bitch? She is in heaven right about now. She went to and clicked on their Cheat tonight link to find three guys that would come to her place at a moments notice. Once they all showed up they thought it was odd for other dudes to be at the location. She explained it to them how her husband turned out to be a lying, cheating bastard. He saddled her with three kids and then told her he wasn’t interested in sex anymore. He said it was a physical condition. His cock just didn’t seem to get hard. Maybe he was low on testosterone or something – he didn’t know.

So for years she had been faithful to her lying bastard of a husband. Eventually she would come to find out that he was banging his twenty-something secretary the entire time. She got frustrated. More than usual. How many times had she masturbated when she could have been fucking somebody else?

So she got online looking for somebody to cheat with. Then it hit her. Why not cheat with three guys and do something totally unexpected? Surely that would tick her old man off.

You bet it did!

MILF Squirters

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