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She Massages That Pussy

All Girl Massage has really opened my eyes to a few things. For one, I’m really starting to wonder why my wife has to go in for a weekly massage. She has assured me not to be jealous of someone running their hands all over her naked body, and I thought because her masseuse was a woman I had nothing to worry about. But here, in video after video I’m seeing tons of women touching each other all over until it devolves into hot lesbian sex.

Now do I actually think my old lady is getting her kitty licked every time she heads to the spa? No, I’m sure she’s not. Am I going to watch these sexy exclusive scenes and imagine that’s what she does every Wednesday when she leaves the house and comes home all relaxed and smiling? You can bet your sweet ass I am!

Now that I can save 74% with a discount to All Girl Massage I get this entire porn network so there’s tons of variety for me to enjoy. And when she’s out and comes back to me being equally relaxed and happy, she has no idea it’s because I’m at home massaging my meat!