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Hot Cuck Fantasies

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Do Sex Slaves Orgasm Harder?

Having a sex slave is something I have never really been too interested in. I’m lazy. Even though the girls always do everything they are told in sex slave videos, it still looks like their master has to put a lot of work into it. I am good with occasional rough sex and some kink every now and then, but a real sex slave seems like a long term commitment and a lot of effort. I’d rather be able to just snap my fingers, have a girl blow me, then fall asleep cuddling. Pretty boring, I know.

Sex Slave videos are still enjoyable for me to watch though. It always looks like the girls have massive orgasms too. I used to assume that was just for the sake of the scene, but I see it over and over again on different fetish sites and have even snooped in a few fetish forums. People claim that the surrender and being so fully dominated really does intensify their orgasms.

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